Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Courses are offered in in principle, use the link penyingkat facilities so that a shorter length (like TinyURL), and cool, every link we have cut it clicked by visitors, we will get $ 0.001 even more (depending on where arrival of visitors who clicked on). Small indeed, but too long will also be a lot. Cool again we can get a bonus of $ 5 (when I signed up, I get a bonus of $ 5. Hopefully this time still get a bonus $ 5). For those of you who have not registered please click the banner below

After that click the join now button to continue the registration process.
We also have a link we can start to abbreviate. For example we have the latest antivirus download links, software, wallpaper, ebook, video, MP3, etc., but very long link (eg from ziddu), then we can abbreviate it (just like step with TinyURL to shorten links).
Enter the link in question and then click to shrink, after the process is completed then we can extract new links such as Now this is a link that will be used as a download link, if there is a visitor who clicked on this link, it will be to link the ad from, and if you want to continue on to the original link then clicking on the writings skip lived there (right there on the web). This link could be placed blog, twitter, mailing list, forum and many others. So we will have double income, either from ziddu, or from a link that has been abbreviated. Not bad!

For payments made through PayPal after the earnings we achieved $ 20. What are you waiting on a referral, please join me here or visit the link below for you who do not want to join! Not fair ... (please try and good luck ...)

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