Sunday, June 13, 2010


People String "is a Social Community that directly pays $ 0.50 for every friend you add, plus pay commissions to level 6. Concrete is what you'll get:
People String have become part of the five big powers with enggota mostly from America and Canada, India and Indonesia (6%). Predicted to explode beyond Twitter and Facebook.

Quick take your position now. Register FREE Registration process: 

1. Click Sign up now at:
2. Fill in your username. 

3. For a free list select the Free Account.

4. Fill out the form.

5. Login.

6. Click Mailbox Cashbox. 

7. Click Take your survey.

8. Answered the survey. 

9. Done. A few weeks later will come to your home a letter containing the secret codes. Use the code to enable it to begin the process flow of dollars into your account.

Note: We recommend using a special email in Gmail. Do yahoo because yahoo can often be interference.

People String is the latest in a wave of global social community network. Inside is a creative, cultural and forum to express themselves, just like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and other social networks. The difference, People String distributing profits to each member.
These concrete benefits from the People String infinity:
1. $ 1.53 immediately after registration. 

2. $ 0.50 for every friend you invite to join. 

3. Commission from every friend in your group to level 6: 20% (direct referrals) and (6% level), 2-6 to entrepreneur members, 5% (direct referrals) and 2% (level 2-6) for free member.

How to get these benefits?
The trick is easy. You register for free and then invite some friends to join as a friend again in People String. You will be amazed at the growth of the group in some time later. Yesterday I attended seminars and online training that was held by the People String. I can see there are already tens of thousands of dollars just by referring just 10 friends. 10 friends that invite their friends and their friends invite friends again ... in a few months that there were over 40 thousand friends. So the "job" in the People String very, very lightly, but the potential for huge incomenya ... really huge! Incredible.

People String from which to collect the money? 

People String paid by companies or entrepreneurs that are presenting advertisements. The ads are distributed by the People String via mail (postal mail) and email (electronic mail), and mounted directly on the website People String.

Mail and email sent to the member. The amount depends on member demand. Answer the questionnaire at the time you set yourself how many letters and emails that you want to receive each day. Letters and emails are not you need to read (not compulsory). Decide for yourself whether you want to read it or not. So there is absolutely no additional burden here; different payment schemes for reading email, commonly known in which you must read the incoming email-FAME. what are you waiting game list:

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