Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yuwie is a social network site but here the user will receive earnings (income) in the form of dollar $their activity is similar to Friendster.Web Like Friendster but "Can Money

We can not say exactly how many, but the example below is very possible. The table below explains that if you invite three people to join, and three men took three more people, until level 10. And every referral opened in 1000 pages per month, and monthly RSR is $ 0.50.

Imagine, if everybody could three people each one month only, then later about 10 months ahead you can get an additional $ 10,234,49 income (IDR 100 million) each month. (Note. If you are able to meet the target). Remember! each person must be his friend for more than three people.

When anyone opens your Profile page on Yuwie, it will be calculated first:
1. Your Profile page 
2. Your blog pages 
3. Seeing all your friends (All Friends)
4. Seeing all your comments your picture pages
5. If someone see you layout pages
When you view these pages, also calculated first:

How to Apply?You yourself must have a referral or id to introduce the site Yuwie. If you do not have a referral difficult to register. I believe you are people who respect others and who does not clear the referral of people who introduce you to Yuwie
 Usually user hard / wrong sign because:

1. Kotal filling> 5 Digit Zip (if U.S.)
2. not input the wrong one box box
3. Email Address & Confirm Email not the same
4.Password & Confirm password is not the same
5. Not Checking Rule Yuwie
6. Name / no. ID "You Were Referred By" wrong / not registered, if not continuously input please

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