Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of the best programs Paid To Click (PTC) and Paid To Review (PTR) was DonkeyMails. Free money search program has several systems to get money from this site.

1. Paid To Click

    You will get paid if you click a particular ad and on average each ad ranged between 0.01 - 0.1 cents, or there is also calculated based on the total points are second.

2. Paid To Review

     You will get paid if you write an article about a particular site and condition that the articles you write must use English. The money you may earn between 10-10 cents.

3. Paid To SignUp

    You will get paid if you sign up for a specific site using the same email when you register at DonkeyMails. You may not register more than one time. When you register on certain sites, you will get a penny 11-1000. More info can you read in the member area. No Minimum Payout

4. Paid To promotes

     You will get paid if you promote your site DonkeyMails. Condition your website / blog you must use English. Point that you may earn between 150-1000.

Still much money can you earn through DonkeyMails. More details can you read in the member area.

DonkeyMails standing on Date February 3, 2005 and in just less than two years, members at this site reached 100,000 people. Wow .. This is no small amount. Until May 2008, DonkeyMails has paid to the 5000 members & the amount of money that was paid to members of $ 6,000. Extraordinary. Come join us in DonkeyMails. Please click here to join.

DonkeyMails added value:
  •  Admission Free
  •  Withdrawals via e-gold no minimal value
  •  Withdrawal via Liberty Reserve, Paypal & Alertpay minimum $ 1
  •  Get extra money by playing games
  •  Read the emails were in paid
  •  Paid when clicking ads
  •  Paid when applying to a particular site
  •  Paid if the site promotes DonkeyMails

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