Sunday, June 13, 2010

Money to PAY PAL

PayPal only used to spend our money (shopping), PayPal can also be used to get money.
Personally I am more interested in making money from the PayPal feature compared with the use PayPal to shop =)
I was originally very interested in opening a PayPal account for its ability to generate cash.
On this occasion I share some ways to make money from PayPal;) Up to USD 1000 Make Money from PayPal
The first way is to make money from PayPal PayPal is through a referral program.
PayPal has a referral program that will pay you if other people sign up via your PayPal.
For more information please go to:
Get Money Up to USD 1000 from PayPal Receive Donation Through PayPal

One interesting feature of PayPal is a donation. It means we can receive and give a donation with PayPal.
The way to accept donations with PayPal is a donor sends money to our PayPal. To simplify the process, we can make a "donation button" that we place on websites, blogs, and even our email.
To make a donation button and a few other tips please go to:
 Accept Donation Through PayPal Make payments with PayPal Form

You can create a form of payment to accept payment by credit card.
Form of payment by credit card you can use for various purposes in accordance with the purposes, whether the payment for goods or services.
Form of payment will also give the impression that you are a professional and serious in doing business

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