Sunday, June 13, 2010


Data or files are owned by someone who kept it in a site file storage or file hosting. The process of storing data or files online is called uploading. Site file storage provider or a free file hosting is named Ziddu. This article will discuss the business this time deeper, a good news for those of you who intend to store data or files and want to share them with others. Not just store data or files, we will also be paid from every unique download that occurred on the link or file you are downloading data. This is called paid to upload.
Dollar bonus given Ziddu sourced from the party advertisers on the site Ziddu. Ziddu provides sustenance fraction is paid to you by the system to upload. Ziddu have an interest to improve the rating of the site because membludaknya people who access their site links. Ziddu expect many more party advertiser (advertiser) who cooperate with them because of this rating.
Magnitude of commission dollars given Ziddu is one cents or $ 0001 per download unique. Suppose you have 20 files, each file is downloaded 100 times then your commission is two dollars (20 x 100 x 1 cent = 2 dollars). Unique download a file that is downloaded a unique IP. This means that if the same file downloaded by computers with the same IP (eg a computer in a cybercafe), are not counted. Also the file must be downloaded completely finished too.
You can also increase the potential of commission dollars by spreading your own referral link Ziddu. Ziddu pays a commission of $ 0.10 on every person you refer and enroll in a file storage Ziddu. For example there are 10 people you invite so you additional commissions are $ 1 dollar.

Commission reference above starts accruing after the people you invite are allowed to upload the files first. So not counting if the person is just sign up without uploading the file. Unfortunately, it does not give the commission Ziddu to you on any files or data that was downloaded, owned by people you invite. So, you are only given one-off commissions from every person you refer.
Ziddu commission had counted on a file photo or picture viewing, audio files / music to be heard, and files film / video dinonton, although not yet downloaded.
You will be paid after the money collected at least $ 10. Without withdrawal (requested), Ziddu send it to your Paypal account. Ziddu give it once a week. Wait what? Immediately apply through our referral URLs]Ln/}yzBt

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