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KLIKOT friendship is the future site like Facebook. Klikot offer a fee for members and friends are invited to join. Also when uploading photos, articles, etc., commenting on the article, read a profile of a friend, click the item, we are given points that can be cashed every day.

benefit payments from klikot is real money that will be sent to us via mail or PayPal, within 45 days, after we click the "Send Money / request payment" that there is a button on the menu My money. This button is only active if we have a minimum balance of $ 30.

Klikot offered to all members free of charge for participating in the Monetary Reward Program (Program award in the form of money), where users will be rewarded for their contributions to the Klikot.In this method, the user will be rewarded according to different factors, such as: inviting people to join in Klikot, frequency and scope of the use Klikot, increase traffic or traffic by creating and loading and to load up content that will attract users (other members) to view them.
Payment of benefits to its members Klikot consists of two sources, namely points of marketing and content.

1. Marketing points, ie points that we receive for each time or a subordinate refferal (downline), we do log ins. So, these points we received for each day we do something in the refferal account.

2. Points of content, namely the benefits we receive when we up load your content (articles, albums, events, and profile) visits or in the visit by another member.

Marketing points than the points were worth more than content when it is transformed into cash, simply because they reflect the user entered the web site may see some items, as opposed to the Content reflect the views of points an item.
Try to invite as many people as possible so that they add to your marketing tree. Tree Marketing you show people who have been invited and Marketing generate points for you.
When a user of our Marketing tree (refferal / downline) to enter the site (logged in), you receive points based on its position in the tree Marketing marketing. we will receive one point peranggota (the people we invite to the first level), 0.5 points per grandchild (who are on level 2), 0.25 points-per-great-grandfather (who was invited your grandchild / level 3) and so forth - up to 5 levels. The more extensive our Marketing trees (shade / many members), the more points that we receive. The maximum number of trees Marketing points we can produce per day is marked as the Marketing Potential of daily points.
At the end of each day, points that we collect will be transformed into money, according to the minimum daily points (we should get points above the minimum threshold for points we are converted into money).
For more details, please check your money pages, or contact our Personal Kliker.
To begin, it is advisable to invite a few friends to use our personal invitation link (which can be found at the Invitation page) and make our initial marketing tree.
Payment Money will be sent to us via mail or PayPal, within 45 days, after we clicked the button Send Money (request payment) that is a button located on the page My money. This option button is only active if we have a minimum balance of $ 30. During this process we will be asked to fill out a short form of personal information.
In terms of marketing points, apply the following rules: 

1. The people in the Marketing tree we need to finish the registration by confirming their email address (which means they will be displayed with a green flag on our Marketing tree, not yellow). 

2. Such persons must be logged into Klikot.
Points earned in accordance with the marketing of everyday use refferal / referrals us. Therefore, we will not get any points for people who are not logged in all day.

Rewards points content In order to get compensation for content that is created or loaded, we need to create traffic or traffic on your website. Content points will we get by visiting other member of our content (our personal profiles, articles, events, and albums. Content more attractive and popular the more people will visit it, so that high visitor traffic that will increase the benefits or payments from the content point .
Counting points Each visitor can only produce content with one point per day for each item that he visits. Maybe we'll get several visits from the same person, but only the first visit will be counted as points of content.
Flag downline and yellow refferal If the flag of our referrals is still yellow, then we must remind them that they must complete registration in order to collect their money and to generate points for your marketing.

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